Moving Services

Adams Transfer moves families across town, across Texas, and across country…

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When using Adams Transfer & Storage Co, you can trust the move to your new home is handled with care. We invest in the technology, training, and equipment so our clients can have a stress-free experience!


First, your items will be packed to ensure the safest transport. Our packers are trained on using the right packing materials for each situation, including special cartons, thick and cushioned pads to protect your furniture, and straps to secure your belongings safely in place.

Next, our moving team ensures an excellent transport. The team is made up of helpful agents, expert packing crews, and van operators who are trained in furniture handling techniques and safe-driving practices long before they ever get behind the wheel.

We also utilize the latest technology for interstate moves. All trucks and vans are equipped with air-ride suspension to protect all contents against bumpy rides. Our exclusive WorldTrac© satellite shipment tracking system also tracks the progress, easily answering the important question, “Where are my belongings?”

Finally, our Customer Service team is dedicated to answering any questions and providing updates on your move. You will never be in the dark - call us any time at (281) 353 - 9331!


Whether your business is relocating to The Woodlands or outside of Texas, moving your office and equipment will require coordination, scheduling, and planning - but you can save time and effort by utilizing the experience of Adams Transfer! We have experience relocating all types of offices from a one-person facility to a large corporate campus.


Prior to the transfer, we investigate all stairs, elevators, and dock areas to determine capacities and examine any potential bottlenecks.

Then, utilizing a combination of shelf, CRT, and panel carts, a team of trained movers will safely and efficiently pack and transport your equipment, electronics, and furniture.

We maintain constant communication with our office moving teams to ensure the best manpower is delivering your items on time and in excellent condition!


Moving to a foreign country is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. What an exciting adventure for you and your family! You shouldn’t have to worry about making sure you can take your belongings along with you.


We at Adams Transfer & Storage Co. understand the need for your belongings to arrive in a timely manner and in the same condition when you are moving countries, or even continents.

This is why we team up with North American International - to ensure everything goes smoothly and that their international representatives are available whenever and wherever you need. The worldwide network of agents allows us to stay in close contact with you, answering questions and managing every stage of your move.

Providing you with the most cost-effective strategy for your shipment requires the combination of the latest technology with the most professional staff. Our highly trained staff will calculate the best way to transport your shipment because at Adams Transfer & Storage Co, we’re committed to your total satisfaction.

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